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In times of uncertainty answer your clients' economic what ifs and reassure them that they are properly invested

  • Stress test your investment portfolios using over 100+ built-in scenarios

  • Illustrate the impact of economic risks on portfolio models, current clients and prospects' holdings with our investment proposals.

  • Drop scenarios + goals onto a visual timeline to see the impact on a client's retirement + investment future

Full Investment Process. One Solution.

Capture client risk tolerance with a mobile-friendly questionnaire, or consider HiddenLevers Elite to customize questions + scoring methodology.

Compare the performance of up to four portfolios across multiple scenarios, enabling you to present allocation options and discuss risk in real terms with clients.

Stress test your investment portfolios using over 100+ built-in scenarios, or change economic assumptions on the fly to create your own scenarios.

Analyze goals and income flows across the client's lifetime and estate plan, with support for tax consequences, insurance benefits, and more.

Create modular, digital proposal with adjustable sections, interactive functionality, and electronic signature for digital experience.

Visualize the impact HiddenLevers scenarios and goals have on your client's retirement and investment future. 


"We were early adopters of HiddenLevers technology and now consider it a key tool for our practice."


Jessica Maldonado
Searcy Financial Services


"HiddenLevers immediately improved our

work internally and with clients.”

Ben Dickey
Resonant Capital Advisors

HiddenLevers Passed the COVID Test

In the 2020 COVID19 crash, the HiddenLevers model correctly projected the direction and magnitude of returns for all securities studied.

  • Securities included hospitality stocks, oil companies, tech giants, and equity and fixed income funds

  • Our model accurately projected direction and magnitude of impacts in 95% of cases studied across five different historical scenarios ranging from Oct 1987 through March 2020

  • Majority of securities studied were initially published in our 2015 review, preventing selection bias

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