Transform the client experience for your entire office

Digital transformation was underway prior to the pandemic, but the resulting economic crisis has accelerated the trend.

Evidence is mounting that enterprises which invested substantially in digital transformation prior to the crisis are now reaping the rewards of those investments and pulling ahead of their competitors.

Are you ready level up to compete?

For marketing teams: We’ve created API connections to create a unique client experience that enables product discovery through questionnaires + bringing fund profiles to life.

For portfolio construction teams: We’ve created a streamlined method of ingesting models, analyzing current holdings, creating recommendations, and generating sales output.  We’ve extended the reach of our client’s portfolio construction teams leading to significantly more prospects being served.  

For client facing sales teams: We’ve created interactive applications + automated insights for in person meetings leading to quicker closes, broader reach and happier clients.

If you're interested in seeing how our platform can give your time a bionic schedule, schedule a demo.

"HiddenLevers was the missing piece we needed to complete the Axxcess Platform. Advisors will now have more time to focus on scaling their business, and strive to deliver a rich client experience.”

Cory Person

"With HiddenLevers’ interactive platform, we found a natural partner who understands the importance of managing risk to deliver consistent outcomes.”

Karrie Van Belle

HiddenLevers provides an all in one solution for client engagement.

Robo PM Consultant

Extend your investment strategist's reach using Automated Insights

Tablet Apps

Customizable applications for your sales team,

Institutional Analytics

Generate model insights + output suitable for money managers.

Robo Wholesaler

Website tools to enable self-discovery

and strategy selection by advisors.

Peer Benchmarking 

Monitor and segment lead list using

risk parameters, net flows and portfolio anatomy

Allocator Workflow

Connect model/portfolio improvement workflow directly to CRM.


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