Cashflow Analysis

Drop scenarios and goals onto a visual timeline to see the impact on a client's retirement and investment future - powered by the HiddenLevers stress testing model

Financial Planning Will Never Be the Same!

Do you wish your financial planning software actually planned for the future?

What do you tell your clients when they ask how another recession could impact their retirement goals? What about when they have concerns about multiple events that could occur before their goal dates? 

Our cashflow analysis feature allows you to view your client’s current holdings and your recommendation and drop scenarios and goals onto a visual timeline to help you answer these questions. This feature also allows you to:

  • Show clients if they are on track to meet their retirement and personal goals with decumulation modeling

  • Combine the power of stress testing aka "Scenario Bombs" with financial planning cash flow analysis

  • Add unlimited goals, change assumptions, and quickly add stress tests to model the perfect financial plan

Our Cash Flows tool takes financial planning to the next level with its: 

  • Full Financial Picture:  Cut through the noise of traditional Monte Carlo and focus on outcomes that matter.

  • Comprehensive Tax + Income Modeling: Capture income like employee stock options and other stock-based compensation to give clients the full picture. 

  • Interactive Client Experience: Use scenario-based simulations to quickly visualize sequence risk for your clients. Dynamic asset flows + Monte Carlo charts help bring the financial planning  experience to life.


© 2020 HiddenLevers 


© 2020 HiddenLevers