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HiddenLevers Is a Member of the OrionAdvisor Family

We are excited to announce that HiddenLevers will be acquired by Orion Advisor Solutions (Orion). Together we will transform the advisor-client relationship within a single, connected, technology-driven experience.

What Does this News Mean for HiddenLevers?

We will continue to be the powerhouse that helps Advisors own the conversation on macro risk + create an unparalleled client experience  - just as a part of the Orion family.

What Does this News Mean for You, Our Clients? 

Current HiddenLevers users will continue to have full access to the platform. While we will be fully be integrated with Orion, you will not have to be an Orion user to access your account. Our team will continue to be available to provide customer support. 

As We Look Ahead

While the future is bright for HiddenLevers and our clients, we can’t help but reflect on our past. Thank you, sincerely, for putting your trust in us and for being loyal partners on the journey that has led us here. We’re thrilled to be joining the Orion team and beginning this exciting new chapter–we look forward to helping you continue to guide your clients toward their future goals.

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