Calm your client's fears about economy "what ifs" and prevent panic selling with HiddenLevers portfolio stress testing.

Portfolio Stress Testing

Help your clients + prospects stay ahead of risk!

When your clients express their worries and concerns for their portfolios after reading the latest news headlines, how do you calm their worries and discuss how their portfolios will perform?

Answer all your client's "what ifs" with

HiddenLevers Stress Testing

With over 100 built-in scenarios you can stress test your investment portfolios and households in less than a minute! Our up-to-date economic scenarios allow you to stress test stocks, bonds, ETFs, structured products, equity options, and non-traded alternatives.

Users also have the ability adjust our macro assumptions on the fly to compare the risk + reward of portfolios and models in a thematic upside/downside conversation.


Explore the Possibilities of Live Stress Testing

Visualize Your Data

Illustrate the impact of economic risks on  models, current clients and prospects' holdings with our interactive platform.

Scenarios Added Monthly

HiddenLevers' Economic Research team creates a new scenario every month to reflect economic events in real time.

Stress Test Reports

We offer client-ready reports to convey how several scenarios would affect your recommendation vs your clients’ holdings.

Our scenario library contains over 100+ macro-economic scenarios 

HiddenLevers' research team creates scenarios to model recessions, crises, and other economic events, using historical research and analysis on how economic indicators are correlated.

These built-in scenarios are just a starting point - scenarios can be customized or created from scratch in HiddenLevers to analyze virtually any macro event.

Interested in learning more about our Scenario Creation Methodology? Click below for our pdf.


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