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In less than 5 minutes you can turn on your HiddenLevers integration and begin stress testing your Tamarac portfolios.

Access HiddenLevers Features

With HiddenLevers you'll have the ability to stress test your portfolios and produce various client-facing output to create a one of a kind client experience.

Sync Outside Portfolios

 Show your clients how portfolios you manage compare to their portfolios that are managed elsewhere.

Why HiddenLevers?

Better portfolios, beautiful proposals, and firm-wide risk analytics in one platform.

Comprehensive Client Workflow

Advisors get a streamlined journey taking a prospect or client through risk tolerance, pulling in current holdings + goals for a diagnostic, and building recommendations. 

Stress Testing

Address client concerns quickly and guide the conversation towards economic events using over 100 built-in, customizable scenarios.

Investment Proposals

Quickly and easily generate robust, branded proposals for prospects and clients with a variety of analysis modules.

What Is Stress Testing? 

Stress Testing is about assessing the potential impact of economic scenarios (e.g. oil crash,inflation, etc.) on your portfolio and other investments.


In a portfolio stress test, we construct “what-if” scenarios based on real life macro-economic uncertainties, and measure their potential impact on your portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions

What does HiddenLevers do?

HiddenLevers is a premier risk technology platform for financial advisors everywhere. Advisors use the correlations engine and easy user interface to help clients understand risk in portfolios, showcase hedging strategies, and compare portfolios in context of several macro-economic outcomes. The stress testing toolkit also includes macro themes for those interested in using scenarios and economic trends to effect tactical asset allocation.
Advisors are able to use HiddenLevers for portfolio management needs like risk monitoring and stress testing, as well as fiduciary needs like client-friendly explanation and presentation of risk. HiddenLevers helps advisors manage client expectations with portfolio stress testing.

How do I use Tamarac with HiddenLevers?

You can easily use HiddenLevers directly from your Tamarac account to stress test your portfolios, create proposals, and more. View our video above or schedule a demo with one of our experts.

How much does HiddenLevers cost?

You can check out our pricing + plans here.
If you have additional questions please contact sales@hiddenlevers.com

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